“Firestarter” by Jeff & Lisa


I was very excited  when I heard about the Firestarter workshop! bec. I’ve always loved Jeff & Lisa‘s work and how their photos are full of story and emotion. It’s like everytime you finish browsing through photos of one blog entry, you’d feel the intimacy of the wedding.. and of the wedded couple.

I couldn’t be more thankful to my good friend, Harold, who alerted us that Jeff & Lisa will be doing a 2nd one. We 3 (me, my wife and him) were suppose to go together but due to prior engagements, It was just me then.

I felt nervous and giddy on the first day and didn’t know what to expect. And when the whole workshop started, I was already very overwhelmed (in a good way) with all the inspirational and informative words. The 2 day workshop was unforgettable for me. I didn’t expect it to be very engaging and moving. Honestly, I am not a fan of the very technical workshop, and I am ohhh soooo glad that the first wedding workshop that I joined is this one. As someone who just left his corporate job to focus on his love for photography, and to focus more on the 5-year weekend-shooting Wedding Photography team…. this is really what I needed most! This is what Blinkboxphotos needed most!

The very productive, informative, emotional and inspirational weekend was also a very fun-filled one! A big thank you to Jeff & Lisa for your wonderful talents! talent in photography and talent in touching other photographers lives! Thanks also to the other 3 big names in the Philippine wedding  industry, Nelwn Uy, Jason Magbanua, and Weddings-at-Work’s Benz Co-Rana for the wonderful talks 🙂 It was also nice meeting talented young artists from all over the Philippines. Special mention to Fozzy Castro-Dayrit for the lovely Calligraphy.

Below are photos I’ve taken from the shoot we had on the 1st day:.

Models / Real couple , Paolo and Kat | Make up is done by the wonderful Chichi Santomil | The Very detailed and Lovely wedding gown is by Veluz Reyes|  The gorgeous draped bouquet is by Vatel Manila | The pretty bridal shoes is by Sugarfree shoes | Locale, The Peninsula Manila


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